The Collective is for those willing to empower and be empowered.

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A monthly membership for Wedding Planners looking for a clutter-free, no BS community that will give honest feedback, support and resources for success. 

Things we've done this past year:

  • Reduced the noise
  • Actually implement things together through worksheets and bite sized education (from paid subject matter experts) that are realistic to absorb and apply
  • Expand the Refine team allowing for more tools, resources and better access to me.
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Hi! I'm Amber.

The owner and face of Refine.

But most importantly, I'm a product of Refine. I was raised up as a planner through Refine content, and had the pleasure of purchasing Refine in 2018!

  • 11 years in weddings and events
  • Co-Founder of Associated Wedding Planners of Austin
  • WIPA Member At-Large
  • Wedding Industry Speaker Member
  • Published in PopSugar, Brides, Martha Stewart, Authority Magazine and more
  • Board Member of The Source Austin - a women's health care clinic
  • Wife, mom, volunteer 
  • And did I mention I love John Krasinski, Jay-Z and Jesus?

I'm most known for saying what everyone else is thinking but not willing to say out loud. So coming to my retreats is full of truth! I don't do well with fluff or much woo woo. But I doooo foster warm environments that know how to read a room and tailor to the needs of those present. Even if that means getting a little woo woo. I may have some sass, but empathy and kindness are expected in the company I keep.

"Yesterday's call was like a salve! I love this group and feel the “noise” of other things diminishing because I feel like we can get it all here!" - Shellie W.



At a minimum, I’m here to:
  • Make sure the things on your plate even make sense in the first place.
  • Write responses to tough emails and bad reviews for you!
  • Create time-saving templates you request so you don’t have to.
  • Hop on a call to answer a question, celebrate or grieve with you.
I'm ready to join!

"The Refine Community, Refine Collective and Refine products have done so much to help me grow and you are the force behind that for so many planners. I was feeling so lost a few months ago and trying to find a new system and workflow and Refine was the answer that I needed and the direction from you and Hailey was so invaluable. Seriously, thank you so much! "

Regina Burrus


Private Facebook Group

I'll draft answers to hard-to-answer emails + responses to bad reviews- this is open and in the FB group, not a private offering

Monthly Trainings + Worksheets- brought to you by professional subject matter experts that are PAID to teach, not pitch.

Templates- I either create a new template each month around the topic, or provide one I already have! 

Office Hours with me- Weekly options, first come / first served.

The option to purchase extended 1:1 coaching with me- which is no longer available for non-members.

Member Features- members are eligible for being featured on the Refine blog, Instagram and Pinterest accounts.

Monthly Group Coaching Session- based on the monthly topic

Monthly Co-Working Session- to hold each other accountable.

Optional Small Groups- based on topic of interest, time zone, commitment level, etc... creating resources and sharing among members.

But remember.... we're not adding to your plate! You're not supposed to do all the things or need all the things. 

Take advantage of 1-3 things, let the rest go and you'll be much happier! 



Ever just want to have a coach or mentor on call? That's how this works. 

Each week, I have a dedicated set of hours to spend in 1:1 time with Collective Members. Each appointment is 15 minutes long, which doesn't sound long, but that's the point! When you're forced to get TO THE POINT, you actually... do get to the point. And by breaking the conversation down, you leave with a realistic next step instead of an hour long list of ideas that just stay in your notebook. 

But oftentimes, if time allows, I'm happy to talk longer. And people that join me for Office Hours get free stuff all the time! If we're talking about it, and I have a resource, I just send it. 

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"It feels like a little club! I feel like I know the other members more than in other groups. I feel like we're all cheering each other on and can gain so much from it."

-Anonymous Survey Taker

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*Unable to guarantee they won't join at some point.


"Right after joining, I was dealing with a client wanting Day-Of for a really low price and Amber was quick to help me with crafting a really well-written response. The monthly training sessions are to the point, no fluffy content, they are filled with real actionable items you can take to move the needle in your wedding biz."

Shandra Cornelia


For any wedding planner, new or seasoned, that wishes to reduce the noise, live in community and be serious about personal and professional development. 

The Refine Collective is a "come as you are" community, which means members are realistic about their workloads and needs. The Refine Collective is for anyone that values boundaries and understands that they can't do all the things! Collective members strive to work smart, not hard.. we aren't here to add to our list of things to do. We're here to support each other through the current load.

I'd like to join!


As you can imagine, this isn't for everyone. I'm looking for certain attributes in Collective members because quality is very important to all involved. You can rest assured that when these attributes are not present, this will be addressed, keeping your investment safe and clutter free. 

  • Teachable and eager for it.
  • Humble and kind.
  • Operates with integrity in general.
  • Embodies a spirit of community over competition, but also has a back-bone and protects their business.
  • Expresses empathy, asks questions and chooses to give the benefit of the doubt prior to making assumptions or accusations.
  • Inclusive and seeks to amplify others.

"This is a place you come when you actually want advice, not people to help you justify whatever position you have chosen. The people in this collective are genuine and helpful without the fluffy participation awards. We learn more in one month of drilled down, heads down, education with accountability than I could have imagined. And you see the effects that your time and money spent in the collective have on your business."

Brandy Blackford


  • You'll find a place that moves the needle WAY faster than any free group, free download or podcast. The large group is GREAT, but it's harder to be known. And being known can excel your success. 
  • You'll get to rub elbows with the best of Refine Wedding Planners, that have been GIVERS for years. They will be your biggest cheerleaders, ensuring you meet your goals. Simply put, they don't engage in the FREE group much anymore. They have found a new home.
  • Access to me- I no longer offer coaching to non- Collective members.

"The Refine Collective is a place where you can connect with real professional planners and learn from them. You always have "Amber 101" if you need her. I found a place that I feel comfortable asking, and I don't feel competition here." 

- Vanina Torres


  • You'll get a space free of your staff. :) (If you so choose, of course. They are obviously more than welcome to join as well.)
  • Did I mention less noise?? Are you tired of the same questions on repeat? Tired of giving of yourself, only to see your wisdom being ignored? Tired of asking a question and getting answers you've clearly already considered? Not happening in here! 
  • Freedom to say anything you'd like. As a seasoned pro, you've seen it all in these free groups and being censored isn't happening in The Refine Collective. It doesn't have to because our members are mature, and able to self-regulate. (Kind of nice when people can act like adults, huh?)



Mile markers are important! 


Each member will receive a clear Success Path with bulleted markers, action items and short educational videos for learning and tracking. Who doesn't love seeing their success in a checklist?!


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Each month, The Collective will have a PAID speaker, a worksheet and a template - all related to the same core theme. Conversation in the group will focus on the chosen theme for 4-5 weeks at a time. 

This is what we studied in our first year, but you'll be joining just in time to help us pick the next round of topics!

  • Content Creation

  • Diversifying Products

  • SEO, Google Rankings, Analytics, Adwords, Audits, etc 

  • Systems, Process + Workflow (for emergencies too)

  • Design Process and Techniques

  • Social Media Management and Algorithms 

  • Money Mindset- finances, accounting, taxes, investments, savings, retirement, etc

  • Staff- finding the best, managing, understanding personalities, actual process of hiring associate planners and interns 

  • Pricing for profit and honest conversations with bosses making real money from planning weddings.

  • Working clients through your process

  • Sales and marketing, overcoming undercutting and general objections

  • Onboarding + Offboarding 

  • Marketing Mistakes

  • Diversity and Inclusion 

    *These are listed in no particular order and timing is based on speaker availability. 


The MEMBERS decide what we will be studying each month. MEMBERS pick the topics, MEMBERS nominate speakers... MEMBERS decide what collateral is created and provided.

I want this to be what YOU want it to be.



A speaker that SPECIALIZES in the chosen monthly topic is PAID to teach on the theme, without pitching their products and courses. 

Because people are valued around these parts. 

The speakers are diverse in a variety of ways. Each with varying backgrounds, life experiences, viewpoints and differing lenses for us to all pull and learn from. 

"I joined the Refine Collective because my business was STAGNANT and the Refine Collective has helped me by LEARNING FROM OTHERS. And I've stayed in the Collective because I FEEL IT PROVIDES ME WITH A COMPETITIVE EDGE OF KNOWLEDGE IN THE INDUSTRY I OTHERWISE WOULDN'T GET." 

-Anonymous Survey Taker 


Miss a Session? No Problem! We have a Resource Library of replays and documents galore!

Here are just a few of the things we have inside:

  • 369 Social Media Prompts
  • Client Education Idea List 
  • Hashtag List 
  • 41 Things to Delegate 
  • Wedding Change of Order
  • What Would You Do (client directives for emergencies)
  • Plus 20+ sessions from paid speakers (Like Design, Social Media, SEO, Content Creation, CEO Mindset, Intimate Weddings, Workflow, Marketing Mistakes to Avoid, etc)

A value of $3912

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"Thank you so much to Refine for this incredible gift of MORE MONEY!

I sold my first percentage based contract! They came back with zero questions and signed with proposal within 24 hours. My confidence is sky high after this experience!"

-Emily Monus


Ohhhhh snap! I see you scrollin' straight to the bottom.

And if you did, you're basically my people and this is your sign to join!



Pay as go, cancel anytime! 

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12 months for the price of 11

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"The biggest game changer for my business was investing in Refine. It's given me a group of amazing entrepreneurs that I’m in contact with almost daily, sharing the same goals and direction. Before that, I felt like I was over here on my own little island planning away! I invested in multiple areas of the Refine program, and have seen my business skyrocket since implementing the process just over a year ago! It's allowed me to take on more business and spend more time with my family, all while making sense for anyone on my team to jump in at any point in the process."

Ashlee Martinelli

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