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Refine Portal 4.0 with Wedding Planning Process Kit Offer


The Refine Wedding Planning Process Kit has been integrated into Google Drive to create the Refine Portal, a planning platform for you and your couples. 

Why would I break up with a big box CRM for something on Google Drive? I'm glad you asked. Hop over HERE and read more about it! But the short and sweet of it came down to:

  • When I polled my clients, I discovered they didn't like the CRM I was using.
  • I wanted to take ownership of my process, and not rely on a third party to keep my planning tools safe.
  • I found that other planning collaborators were changing and/or losing information. I can recover this in Drive. 
  • I needed a way to back up my documents (other than a PDF) and Drive gives me that option. 

Have you asked your clients what they think? HERE is a great survey you can send them! 

What will you find inside?

  • Folders
  • Pre-designed headers to keep or customize
  • Canva Template for branding   
  • Checklist functionality
  • Automation inside the Planning Checklist, Budget Tracker, and Guest Tracker
  • Tutorials 

(because we like transparency around here!)

The Refine Portal is non-refundable.

Refine is filling an a la carte hole in the market. Refine does not provide free ongoing customer support and service for this product. We are simply providing our tools inside a Google product. Additionally, like other CRMs we are not setting this product up for you. 

As such, please know upfront if you are comfortable with Google Drive as our integration platform.

CRMs have learning curves. We provide tutorials and a list of free resources for assistance. With transparency, if you have never had a CRM before (or it's been a while), this may feel overwhelming at first. CRMs require dedicated time to set up, customize and get going. No CRM will do this for you; though, many third-party VAs and setup teams are able to tackle it on your behalf. Once set up, this is far more streamlined than other options and substantially reduces your work time in the long run. While not providing ongoing support, we are committed to you having a good experience if willing to do your part, so please reach out to our team anytime! 

Buyers may purchase coaching hours for further assistance or customization of your product. HERE is more information and pricing for that.

Once purchasing, you may join a private Facebook group HERE


  • The Refine Portal is considered replicable and as such, you are NOT permitted to share screenshots, videos or your screen with anyone other than someone The Refine Team have verified is also a Refine Portal owner, with the same version you have. Discovery of misuse will result in being removed from the Refine Community. 
  • We also ask that you place a layer of protection around this with your clients. Many clients go on to become wedding planners and they are not permitted to take these tools into their businesses. We cannot require that you place this in your contract, nor can we permanently imprint our Copyright into anything. When using other CRMs, clients are taken to those websites and branding is apparent. We ask for your respect and consideration on this. Please do not remove the "made by", "copyright", etc, etc where we have placed them. We also encourage that your contracts are clear and that your tools and resources as a whole, including but not limited to the Refine Portal, are proprietary.